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Data inaccuracy, inconsistent data sources and data duplication are perennial issues that organizations must constantly deal with. Left unattended, the result is inaccurate, inconsistent and unreliable data to analyze and make decisions.

Makro’s Master Data Management solutions were designed to restore order to your data. We provide end-to-end MDM solutions that leverage leading tools from IBM, Oracle and others. We work as an extension of your team and can provide full program planning and execution or handle only parts of it. And, your MDM initiative can be also be supplemented by Makro’s full business intelligence design and support services.

Makro’s MDM teams:

  • Strategize enterprise data and design of processes for data stewardship addressing data quality and governance, including MDM architecture and definition.
  • Architect the plan for MDM with evaluation of “build versus buy” approaches for MDM solutions including execution of a proof of concept and value for the engagement to ensure the integrity of the chosen approach.
  • Implement the selected MDM solution in a structured manner with proven methodologies, while enabling Service Oriented Architecture and delivering a roadmap for maintenance and evolution.




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