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Makro's Information Management Practice has recognized the need for enterprises to not only control information and increase access to it but also collaborate and innovate using this information. Makro drives efficiency, quality and consistency across the information value chain, right from content capture and interpretation, all the way to archival, content integration, migration, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics. Makro' Information Management team is well-equipped with the training, skill, experience and technology partnerships to give you total control of your enterprise information.

MAKRO understands that effective information management involves more than just collecting and storing data, and when leveraged correctly, can produce real competitive advantages for our clients. Whether the goal is improved operational efficiencies, greater insights in to customers, quicker identification of revenue streams or increased workforce effectiveness, our consultants are here to architect and develop creative, pragmatic solutions to the challenges of managing data and turning it into information.




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