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Data Integration

Data is one of the most important assets of any organization, and real competitive edge can be achieved by harnessing quality data. Yet many realize only a portion of the value of their information. This data is often locked in a variety of locations - personal laptops, spreadsheets, legacy systems, databases, or a critical narrative in a misplaced management report.

At Makro, we address the entire lifecycle of your enterprise data, implement high quality data integration and management solutions to ensure availability of reliable information for decision makers.

  • Data Governance – Maintain policies, procedures and standards for consistent definition and use of data
  • Data Stewardship – Orchestrate the day-to-day activities of creating, using and retiring data
  • Data Architecture – Optimize efficient and effective database models to ensure high quality and availability
  • Data Quality – Verify consistency and reliability of data assets
  • Data Integration – Create a consistent, relevant and trusted view of data across business units and subject areas
  • Data Security and Privacy – Protect data from unauthorized access, ensure regulatory compliance across data subject areas, including monitoring and audit capabilities
  • Metadata Management – Organize people, processes and technical components needed to ensure that metadata is consistent, accurate and complete
  • Master Data Management – Create enterprise-wide data consistency in reference and relationship data like customers, employees, products, prices, etc.




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