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Strategy Assessment

Makro helps clients create practical strategies and architectural designs that establish a solid EIM foundation to help your transformation to an information-driven business. We link current information to the determinants of long-term value creation, such as customer profitability, client retention, and return on innovation.

For companies growing through acquisitions IT can’t be overemphasized as one of the most important success factors for an integration. As such, a well planned, well executed approach to integration of the two IT landscapes is a key prerequisite for a seamless customer experience and to realize internal cost advantages and synergies.

Makro has the experience to create integrated data solutions that help you overcome these challenges and enable your acquisitions.


  • Rapid IT assessments / due diligences
  • Information Organization & Maturity Assessment
  • Business Case Development
  • Program Management

What’s more, our EIM consultants have deep expertise in several industry domains and follow our agile EIM methodology to deliver quick wins while establishing your long-term infrastructure.




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