Cloud Services

Cloud services include the assessment of your current environment, defining a future roadmap and evaluating application migration and development. We excel at selecting the correct mix of XaaS (Everything as a Service) to deliver agile solutions at a reduced cost by partnering with suitable cloud vendor(s).

Makro will assess your current IT environment, understand the growth objectives and determine your future requirements to deliver a comprehensive roadmap in leveraging the cloud and utility computing.

A comprehensive strategy is critical in achieving the optimal ROI of your cloud initiatives. Analyzing your critical, core and commodity applications, infrastructure and future requirements enables Makro to tailor a cloud strategy which will achieve your goals yet limit any potential risk.

  • Current assessment
  • Future needs assessment
  • Determine mix of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Implementation roadmap

Develop cloud based applications for ultimate scalability, flexibility and reliability. Transform existing applications to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits.

Makro assists with both new enterprise-grade applications, extending existing applications to the cloud or the full migration of your applications. Makro has extensive experience developing and migrating rich SaaS and mobile applications to the cloud.

  • Application architecture development
  • Development / migration to the cloud
  • Hybrid integration for the cloud and enterprise
  • Deployment on the cloud